OCEAN Colour Sake Flask and 4 cups with bucket for warming or cooling sake – Gift Set / Sakeware / Glassware / sake connoisseur / sake carafe / House Warming Gift / Drinking Glasses / Corporate Gift [Made For Drinkers]


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Sake Set is made from heat-resistant glass and can be used to serve both COLD and HOT sake.

It is also microwavable and dishwasher-safe
Sake tastes much better when served in proper sake server and cups.
It is a must-have item of true sake connoisseur

Package includes:
1 X Gift Box
1 X Sake Flask
4 X Sake Cups (Additional cups can be purchased from us as well)
1 X Glass Flask Bucket

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*Wooden Tray shown in photo is NOT included in the package. it is sold separately