Wine Foil Cutter / Foil Remover for Wine Bottles – Removes Foil Top Effortlessly – for Wine Lovers (Black)


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Wine Bottle Foil Cutter

Product specifications:
length 7CM, width 4.3CM, blade diameter 0.9CM
weight: 13g

Product material: stainless steel blade + ABS plastic

When in use, you only need to card bottle mouth and turn it gently. The metal stainless steel blade, the appearance design, the decent round stainless steel blade is wrapped in the groove of the paper cutter, it is safe and convenient to use the paper cutter.

Put the paper cutter on the top of the wine bottle, use the blade of the paper cutter to cut the protective film on the bottle mouth of the wine bottle, and then rotate the paper cutter 90 degrees, the foil paper cap will come off neatly, so as to facilitate the use of the corkscrew Open the red wine.

ERGONOMICAL & DURABLE – 4 stainless wheels system with razor-sharp blades, Ergonomically designed for comfort, Cuts wine bottle foil cap off cleanly and evenly than using a knife or corkscrew of your wine opener.

SIMPLY SQUEEZE & TWIST – Why bother using a corkscrew in a dangerous and diffcult way? Do yourself a favor when you can get this little gadget to do it for you, Just a gently squeeze and twist, and the foil top on the wine is gone.