You Laugh You Drink! – Drink and Laugh with your friends and Family Card Game


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Cheap and High Quality Card Games

Name: You Laugh You Drink (YLYD)

You laugh you drink: 150 cards with funny commands that will make you laugh and then make you tired of playing.

⭐Get laughers started:

1) Form a circle, set out the drinks

2) When it’s your turn, follow the instructions on the card and don’t hesitate anymore

3) You Laugh You Drink!

For others, if someone is emotionally decomposed when doing dad dance moves, or if they suddenly do parkour around you, they can keep their face straight. Keep your face straight or face up


– Brand new!

– Suitable for 2-4 players

– Language(s): English

– 150 Cards

– Product Size : Approx. 15 X 11 X 4 cm

– Product Weight: Approx. 220g

*Please don’t drink and drive, drink responsibly!*