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HOW TO PLAY: Set up a game of beer pong, with six cups on each side. Shuffle the dares and place one underneath each cup. Once a ball lands in your opponent’s cup, they have a choice: do one of the dares and keep the cup or refuse the dare and drink the cup. The first player to lose all their cups loses the game!

(1) 100 outragrous & waterproof dare coasters with 2 dares on each coaster (200 dares total). (2) twelve blank coasters to write your own dares and (3) two red ping pong balls emblazoned with the Fear Pong logo.

PERFECT FOR ADULT PARTIES AND GAME NIGHTS: This game is the perfect twist on a classic party game. An ideal add to your weekly game night, frat parties, a daring icebreaker to a bachelor or bachelorette party, or your seasonal office parties.

BE THE ULTIMATE GIFT GIVER: Fear Pong makes a great & funny gift for men, women, or anyone who’s ready to get a bit weird. Makes an awesome, head-turning birthday gift, and you’ll be an absolute legend at your next white elephant party.