New Improved Design Vacuum Wine Saver Set – Comes with a more durable pump and 4 stoppers – Keep your Wine fresh for more than 7 days after opening [Made For Drinkers]


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Our New Vacuum Wine Saver Set has a vacuum pump which extracts the air from an opened bottle and reseals it with a reusable rubber stopper. (4 stoppers included)

It slows down the oxidation process and keeps the wine fresh for up to 7 days.

This new ergonomically designed handle ensures comfortable, slip-free use works with both red and white wines.

Comes in a packaging gift box Includes
1 durable hand pump
4 airtight stoppers

Suitable for all Red and White Wines – Not suitable for sparkling wine.

Pump removes air from the bottle of wine, and the rubber stopper seals the bottle Re-usable; hand wash only.


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