Self-Pull Corkscrew, Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, Manual Corkscrew, Manual Wine Opener Set [Made For Drinkers]


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【Simple Twist Wine Seal Remover】Self-Pull corkscrew Opener is equipped with an aluminum foil cutter with a sharp blade. You only need to simply squeeze and twist, the cut will be neat, it’s tightly integrated with the base for easy storage.

【Double-Sleeve Design】 The bottle opener is used with a double-sleeve design. The width of the protective sleeve is about 35mm. It fits most bottle types. There is a spring sleeve inside, which can easily fix the cork when opening and unplugging, promote efficiency.

【Window Design】The screw hook is with a window design, the whole process of opening the bottle is visible, easy to control and open the bottle.

【Easy to Use】The corkscrew is easy for operation, the handle is designed with widening and thickening, and the arc design is easy for grasping. Applying force, the cork can be easily removed from the corkscrew in a few seconds.

【Safe and Durable】This wine corkscrew is made of food-grade ABS and alloy, ergonomic design, very smooth for touching, comfortable to hold, not easy to be stained by fingerprints, food-grade safety coating, safe and durable.